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He is working on the pediatrics Neurology to better his patient's lives, especially the ones that he loves the most, children.
There is a Television documentary being processed as we speak to show his hard work and follow him through his life of true care giver.
Please join this journey to the center of his heart and existence.
He will be traveling to new places so he can further broaden his horizon, and to improve upon his knowledge.


He grew up with only one thing on his mind. He wanted to be able to make a difference in peoples lives. Medicine fuels his passion for life. “Doctors must open their arms for all the sick and unhealthy. Healing all is essential and monetary reward must not be the incentive. Every doctor should treat his patients as he would want to be treated himself..” 

Dr. Golgoon 1974

He has been a the most wonderful and sacrificing father
  All he wanted (wants) for his three sons (son) was (is) the best that there was (is).  He only wanted them to be another positive, caring, ethical, honorable with highest integrity.  He raised three children but two perished unexpectedly.  Sine then, he has endured astronomical pain yet has tried with his dear life to flourish others in the most positive way.

He is a great son
  After loss of his father early in his life.  He tried very hard to make her mother happy and proud.  His mother was very close to him.  So he chose a direction in life trying to safe guard the last hope that his mother had in this life.
Loyal, ethical, and honest human being
  In his professional life all he tried was to be the best that he can be with the unsurpassed honesty and caring-ness.  He was in charge of the child development and mother care part of the health department in the province of Hamadan.  All he cared for was for the children to have the best care possible and for the mothers to provide the warmest environment for the children.  There has never been one like him to care so much in that position.  All he cared was for all the resources to be spend effectively and efficiently so that there will be more under-privilege mothers and children be covered.






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